Monday, April 11, 2016

FEBRUARY TRAVEL: What Problems Can Do More For You Than Success

Taught at the School of Campus Ministry batch 15 last February.
This particular batch has the highest international and provincial students.
My topic was Campus 101.  Where I shared insights in practicing campus ministry from years of experience. 
When I say experience, I mean mistakes. Lots of them. 

Here’s one of the things I got to share to the class:
Church history has proven this truth. From the first century of the Christian era to the present time (one just have to google it). It was the persecutions and not the favor or success that grew the church. It was problems (whether self-inflicted or coming from without) that brought the church to the next level of growth, influence and strength. 

I happened to learn this truth the hard way.  I made a mistake working with a shady organization (didn’t know it at the time, I was foolish, I didn’t look them up), who promised to help our ministry, but ended up damaging it in epic proportions! As a result, I got our campus ministry banned for two years from the university where we were ministering. Seesh! But yeah, in hindsight, that mishap grew me and the ministry deeper, bigger and more influential. 

You probably have experienced this in your own ministry, or perhaps in your own walk with God - it was those times when you were on your knees that your dependence on God was the strongest. It was at your lowest point in life when your worship was the sweetest. Just as one of my friends in my small group said, “I lost my job but I found Jesus.” 

If you have some experience in ministry, you know it’s true: Problems grow the ministry more than success or favor ever can.  
When we ended the session, I got to pray for their ministries.

I asked God for “growth” to come - be it through favor and success or through problems. I think, I heard very few Amens. haha

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