Monday, March 28, 2016

JANUARY TRAVEL: Victory Santa Cruz & The Birth Of A Preaching Team Mtg

Once a month, for the past two years now, I get to minister out of my hometown (ELBI). An opportunity I have learned to take advantage of to empower leaders to take over while I am away, expose myself to what God is doing in and out of our movement and to do what I can to encourage other ministries and churches that I visit. Also there is the bonus of learning so much from the experience! I decided to blog about these learnings here.

This year, I got to minister outside ELBI twice. At Victory Santa Cruz & at the ENC Provincial Campus Directors Training. I'll talk about the Campus Directors Training on my next blog. First, let's talk about Victory Santa Cruz.  

Ptr. Adrian Acosta asked me to preach week#4 of our Dare To Believe Series.  He's in a season of inviting pastors who had undergone church building projects and have survived it hoping to have some impartation of faith and inspiration of great stories to be shared to the Santa Cruz congregation.  My topic was 'Faith To Claim' and I preached about the Daughters of Zelophehad. They were hard to pronounce!

I am thankful for this invitation because it gave me the extra push to finally kick-off our Weekly Preaching Team Discussion that I have been wanting to start for sooo long.  Tricia gave a great suggestion on how to go about the meeting.  We gave it a shot and I think it was really helpful!

DEVOTION -  what struck you (found intriguing, ministered to you) the most while preparing for the sermon?  Also, "what application do you think God wants you to have from what He spoke to you through your study?"
BURDEN - What is your personal burden for your congregation as far as the topic is concerned? 
What issue do you see in society in general or among the congregation in particular that you believe this sermon will be able to speak to?
NON-NEGOTIABLE - what perspectives/approach/illustrations do you think should be included in the sermon no matter what? 
WATCH OUT - what are some of the things like issues, controversies, and sensitive topics that you need to handle with particular care while preaching?
Finally, we collected nifty illustrations from each other. 
Really good stuff. Thankful for what this invitation birthed in our leadership as far as preparing a sermon as a team is concerned. :-)

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