Monday, March 28, 2016

MARCH TRAVEL: Victory Baguio, Graduation & Church growth

When I found out my graduation from my masters study in Ministry at PBTS-Baguio is surely going to happen, I immediately scheduled a road trip with friends.

JANUARY TRAVEL: When To Call A Meeting Or Just Send An Email

I got a message from Liane of our national office inviting me to teach ORGANIZATIONAL LEADERSHIP specifically LEADING MEETINGS EFFECTIVELY (to my surprise) at the ENCPCDT.  I felt honoured but also puzzled.

JANUARY TRAVEL: Bored with Your Own Meeting? Then Do it Right!

Back in College at UPLB, one of my housemates was an instructor at the College of Engineering.  I remember his one problem, he finds his classes boring (Yes, he was the instructor. Yes he knew it was his fault). I can still hear him say leaving our apartment, “I’m going to head out to my boring class…”

We've all had our share of having to endure instead of enjoy meetings. But do meetings really have to be a necessary evil that all must endure? The answer is NO and the key is to understand what effective meetings are.

JANUARY TRAVEL: Victory Santa Cruz & The Birth Of A Preaching Team Mtg

Once a month, for the past two years now, I get to minister out of my hometown (ELBI). An opportunity I have learned to take advantage of to empower leaders to take over while I am away, expose myself to what God is doing in and out of our movement and to do what I can to encourage other ministries and churches that I visit. Also there is the bonus of learning so much from the experience! I decided to blog about these learnings here.