Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Is experience really the best teacher?

They say experience is the best teacher 
because we can always learn from our experiences
but the bad news is we have not and will probably not experience everything there is to experience in order for us to know every thing there is to know because we are limited and life is short.
Thank God there is something better than learning from our own experiences: 
Learning from the experiences of others - you don’t have to experience what others have experienced in order for you to learn what others have learned.
i thank God for the people he sent into my life here in Victory LB
not only that they taught me how to learn from my experiences, 
they allowed me to learn from their experiences as well.
I didn’t have to experience some of the awful things they went thru in order to learn what they learned.  for they were more than willing to share with me what they know in order to spare me from what they went thru.

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