Wednesday, June 20, 2012

God's blessing doesn't come with troubles but lessons

Being recently blessed with a brand new car through a miraculous provision (you can read about it here), I have realized a number of things, let me share one of them here.

We are probably unaware of it but most of the time, our tendency is to think that our blessings are based on what we do or not do instead of how good God is and what He has already done to save us. 

OBSERVATION: Have you ever noticed how we are when we get a blessing from God? We unconsciously try to identify what we did that led the blessing to come. 
OBSERVATION (FLIP SIDE VERSION): Have you ever noticed how we are when we DON'T get a blessing from God? We try to identify what we did wrong, failed to do or not do enough that kept the blessing from coming. It’s because we erroneously think of our blessing to be about us.
But it is not about us. It has never been and never will be. Maybe you received a blessing recently. I'm happy for you. You are blessed,and maybe because you have sown; or maybe because you have been a faithful steward; or maybe you have the faith for it, but TOWERING above all these legit reasons is the one greatest reason of them all:  We are blessed because GOD IS GOOD. Period. When the blessing seems delayed in coming it is still because GOD IS GOOD. Period.

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