Monday, May 21, 2012

Husbands appreciate your wives

Tricia and I are going through a devotional book by Max Lucado.  It's called, "Growing the Marriage of your dreams" It came with an audio cd (bible teaching), workshops and activities we can do together.  The first session asked me, the husband to
"Describe the work of art that God gave me on my wedding day. Make it a point to share those feelings with my wife"
I decided to share it to her and you.
Here goes.

I didn't know it at first that She was the the woman that I have been praying for all my life.  The wild doe that no predator could possibly catch.  She smells fake and insincerity from a mile away and dashes off beyond reach even before the slickest cat could ever make a move. By the grace of God, my attempt to draw near was permitted. My intentions are pure, I had to make that clear.  Of course I never knew she was the girl I have been dreaming for until I got to know her enough through friendship. Tricia is beauty, brains, finesse and godliness combined.  Indeed, a woman of noble character, who can find? (proverbs 31) Until today I could never ever comprehend, how could a man like me be loved by a woman like her.  I can just hear Jesus say, “exactly my son, this love you got you never deserved.  But I give it to you anyway, because of my grace” Tricia is God’s grace to me. A priceless work of art I got for free.

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