Friday, May 25, 2012

Totally Unexpected!

I still can’t believe it... I’m driving our first brand new car.

Two weeks ago, I was contacted by someone who used to be a student member in our campus ministry. It has been more than 5 years since this person graduated and moved on from LB. I was delightfully surprised that the person still remembered our church and ministry to the young people of ELBI. This person is no longer in the country and is now working abroad.

 In the message that came, I learned that this person found out about our EXPAND PROJECT through the net and wanted to help out financially. To my surprise, the person also expressed intention to bless me and my wife Tricia by buying us a car. I was floored! What happened? The person explained a “prompting” from God came after picking up the bible and reading from the book of Ecclesiastes. “Everything is meaningless...” it kept on saying. Somehow, God gave a powerful revelation and a compelling urge to act. “Money for the car will surely come.” this person messaged me. After 2 weeks, I found myself at HONDA ALABANG, getting a 2012 Honda City 1.5 A/T.

T’was just a dream, but now it’s real. I’m driving it. In my 6 years as a pastor, I have received messages like this before when people would say they wanted to give us or the ministry this and that. God knows how grateful I am for all of them and their heart to be a blessing to us but unfortunately so many of these intentions did not materialize. Maybe some were not really meant to be. However, these experiences taught me NOT to trust man (not even my job) for my provision but to trust Christ alone. In the midst of believing God for provisions for our EXPAND PROJECT, once again God proved himself capable to provide.

I was telling our staff this morning that God is faithful and He is the real provider. I didn’t do anything to deserve such a miraculous provision. I am blessed not because of anything else but because God is good. That’s it.

“What are the odds that I will get a car today? The same odds that each one of you can get a car.” Because the God who gave it to me is the same God who can give it to you.


kc said...

Your blessing was my blessing too! :D

Unknown said...

:D Heard about the road trip. Enjoy!

kc said...

naku! anong road trip? pumunta lang kaming cubao at nag-grocery!hahahaaha

Unknown said...

haha i thought you guys went to Tagaytay. :-) nyaks

Unknown said...

Truly encouraging :)