Thursday, March 1, 2012

It's time for Victory LB to expand.

17 years ago, I was a freshman in UPLB. 
My constant question is, "What am I doing here?!" 
Of all the universities in the universe, I had to go to UPLB.  
I hated the thought of moving away from my friends, my family, & my life in QC. (even though that life had nothing to do with God) My efforts to sabotage my UPCAT was futile. (didn't bother reading most of the questions I answered in my attempt to purposely fail that college entrance exam)

Obviously God had a different plan for me.

That same year, I officially became a UPLB student 
and then I met Richard, a research associate taking up his masters degree.
My blocmate introduced him to me when I went to their church event after class.
Richard was determined to help me know Jesus.
He simply just wouldn't give up.
My constant refusal and varied excuses didn't bother him.
He was outside my classroom at the Humanities basement with his ONE2ONE booklet
He was at the Jeepney Terminal going up to the College of Forestry where my dorm was. 
He was at the lobby of our dorm
He was everywhere!
Richard freaked me out. Looking back, I think there was a time I actually thought he was omnipresent. Seesh!
After 5 months of constantly running away from God by dodging Richard,
I finally gave in. 
I agreed to listen and be open to what God has to say through him.
That was all he needed.
That was all it took.

I gave my life to Christ.
He changed my life from the inside out
He gave me a new vision 
He called me to His mission. 
That is, to do for others what Richard did for me. 

Today, with the help of fellow Christians, we are reaching thousands of young people for Christ through outreach and discipleship events.  Teaching them to honor God in all areas of life and to make disciples of others.  Hundreds are already regularly attending our weekly youth gatherings and this number continues to grow.  We had to meet for two days in a week now in order to accommodate the increasing number of people who would want to experience Christ through the weekly gatherings.   Meanwhile we had to work doubly hard to train leaders who will help those who recently decided to surrender to Christ grow in their new found faith.  We've been doing this for 22 years, I personally am involved for 17 years now and it never has failed to amaze and encourage me to see so many students we have served come back to visit as lawyers, doctors, businessmen, film makers, law makers, pharmacists, vets, teachers, engineers and tell us how they are making an impact for Christ in their own work place.
Today we officially ran out of room for our outreach youth gatherings.  As I finish this blog here in our small office, I can hear the jam-packed youth event that is going on at the main hall. It is amazing how undeterred they are by the smell of the overcrowded-sweaty-passionate worship experience.

They just want Jesus.

So I realized, we've got to do something about this.  We can't afford to put a cap on what God wants to do with the young generation. it's time to expand.

Here is what we have in mind.

We simply cannot assume that the next generation will automatically live for God.

We've got to do what we can.
We've got to work what we've got.

We already have a strong work in UPLB campus
We already have a strong team of volunteers to do the ministry
What we don't have is a bigger place
We don't have the money for it
But we have a faithful God.


Norie Sullano said...

Grabe!!!!!!!!! I'm excited for this! :)

Ian Jasper said...

expect greater things to come kuya jon. we'll definitely help.