Sunday, December 25, 2011

It's New Year and I'm Nostalgic

I remember the days of long ago; I meditate on all your works and consider what your hands have done. Psalm143:5  (NIV)

It's only five days till the New Year. I'm Nostalgic.  I remember God's goodness especially in my marriage. 

Tricia and I met 5 years ago at our Every Nation Building, Fort Bonifacio where she worked as a beautiful pre-school teacher in the world. Ptr. Gilbert introduced us as she was passing by. I said hello and she politely said hi but I had nothing else to say so the awkward silence followed. What else can I say? I was usually good at this but not on that day.  After a few more seconds of silence, she asked to be excused and walked back to their office. Wow, we really hit it off didn't we?

But God is good, got a chance to recover from that awkward start and say, "all iz well"
We became friends and i got close enough to know her
There were 5 things about her that really captured my attention, respect, and then my heart.

Looks – Boy she’s got it! Auwuuu!
- I observed that Tricia was such a secure person.  She didn’t need any boy to complete her, she was living her life comfortably saying "no" when she means no and "yes" when she means yes.  I thought her sense of security was amazingly rare.  She was different.  
Devotion to God – No man, no boy came in between her and God. She loved God and she didn't have to tell me about it because the evidence was all over.
Heart to serve – Her job got her waking up 5am in the morning everyday, and working even after office hours, but I saw her making time and making sure she’s involved in what God is doing in her generation through the ministry.  She’d go straight to Victory QC office right after work; serve in the ministry and then head home to do some more work.
Reputation – It is amazing to hear about her from our pastors.  I was so encouraged to hear about how she serves and how she loves God and how amazing she is at work. I visited her one time at work and saw how the kids at VCS run to her, hug her, get excited to be around her. Man, I was hooked!

Recently we celebrate our 4th wedding anniversary.  Didn't realize how time flew so fast. My only question as I think about all of these is, "God, how could I be so fortunate? I do not deserve all the good things you have given me!”

So as we welcome the New Year, I want to start right by recognizing God’s grace in my marriage to Tricia. His grace has brought us together, His grace has kept us together, and by His grace we’re building our family together and it's going to be awesome!  Thank you lord!

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