Friday, November 11, 2011

Nothing You And I Have Ever Seen

Call me weird but back in the day (when I was four and there were no Facebook, Wii and PSP yet, daydreaming, imagining and the ability to role play (aside from playing outside with other kids) were the quality past time activities for kids like me. There were days I would spent hours jumping on our bed imagining I was a Ninja fighting off Samurais and other days I am on top of our cabinet imagining I'm a soldier shooting at the enemy and taking down tanks with an RPG. I loved imagining and daydreaming!

Today i don't have much time to daydream but I still let my imagination work for me especially when I spend time with God through reading His word. I'd try to visualize myself as part of the stories I encounter in the Bible. I always wondered how life looked like from the perspective of the disciples of Jesus when they were with Him. I can just imagine it to be NOTHING I HAVE EVER SEEN!

With much envy I tried to imagine the feeling of being in charge of the very basket that contained those few pieces of fish and bread multiplied to feed the five thousand - an event of it's own, something that HAS NEVER BEEN DONE in history by any other man aside from Jesus.

Man! That must have been such a blast!

I try to imagine hanging around Jesus as He scolds the proud religious and misguided leaders who lords over the common citizens of Israel - something that NO ORDINARY MAN HAS EVER DONE IN any lifetime.
"Go tell em' off Jesus!"

And what about Jesus at the temple overturning tables because the people have converted God's house of worship and prayer into a "den of robbers"? That was another FIRST INCIDENT OF ITS KIND. I was thinking, "it would have been so cool to be alongside Jesus at the time and be given permission to kick some tables upside down for the glory of God! Hehe." What an experience it would have been!

What was it like living with Jesus 2000 years ago? It must have been something I HAVE NEVER SEEN before.
Matthew 9:33 gives us a good picture of it:

And when the demon was driven out, the man who had been mute spoke. The crowd was amazed and said, "Nothing like this has ever been seen in Israel."

Matthew could not have said it any better - NOTHING LIKE YOU HAVE EVER SEEN.

The blind saw
The lame walked
The mute spoke
The dead came back to life
The demon possessed were set free
It was nothing like anyone has ever seen!

Maybe you are like me asking, "Is it still possible to actually experience today these great, extraordinary phenomenon that described the events surrounding Jesus and his disciples 2000 years ago or are they just things we can read about or relive through our imaginations?"

Maybe you are wondering:
Can the blind still see today?
Can the lame still walk?
Can lives still be restored in our modern age?
Can broken relationships still be mend?
Is there hope for my grades?
Can I ever recover from this depression?
Can I still hope for healing for cancer today as the leper hoped to be well again in Jesus time?

The answer to all these is YES.
A life filled with God's miracles, A LIFE LIKE NOTHING THE WORLD HAS EVER SEEN can still be within our reach today. It doesn't have to be something that we can only imagine happening to us. It doesn't have to be a thing of the past either. We are still entitled to that nothing-like-you've-ever-seen kind of life today because the bible says if you are in Christ, Jesus is NOT watching us from a distance, he is living inside each and everyone of us! And because He is in us, there is no reason why we should keep living ordinary lives. We are called to, designed to, and empowered to live a different life, a life like NOTHING THE WORLD HAS EVER SEEN today or any day :)

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