Friday, November 11, 2011

Are You Quick to Assume or Careful to Obey?

Sometimes if we are not careful, we can get carried away and read between the lines of God's instructions and instead of getting it, we miss what God wants us to do specifically

Matthew 2:20-23
Joseph and Mary were in Bethlehem when God told them to flee
to Egypt because the boy Jesus' life was in danger.
After many years in egypt, God said, "sector clear, go back to the land of Israel (bethlehem is in the land of Israel). Had Joseph not been paying attention, he would have heard God say through the angel "go back to the land where you came from which is bethlehem" after all,
1 Bethlehem is in Israel.
2. That was where they came from.

But when they arrived in Israel, they were warned in a dream not to go back to bethlehem because Herod had been replaced with a king who was also evil. Therefore they went to galilee district in a town called Nazareth, which is still in Israel.

Lesson: We cannot assume that because God did it this way before, God will do it this way again. God has an infinite number of ways of doing a single thing. Let us not allow our past experiences especially those that worked and those that we believed to be really God-led to dictate or box God in what He wants to do in our lives today. Just because God did it a certain way before doesn't limit Him from doing it in another way this time.

Are you quick to assume or are you careful to obey?

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