Friday, November 11, 2011

According To YOUR Faith

We are never sure that every single prayer we utter, every single request and petition for a miracle is according to God's will. The bible promises that as we get to know Jesus more and more, we will eventually get the hang of it (knowing God's will) After all, the bible did say, the sheep knows the voice of the shepherd. But what do we do for the meantime?
We can ask in FAITH!
Whatever you ask, you ask in faith. Even if you are not sure if it is indeed God's will for you or not, you ask in faith. The blind men sought Jesus (that was pretty hard for a blind man) they followed them indoors and finally had the opportunity to have their miracle. Jesus asked them one thing first: do you believe that I can do this. Of course they said yes. But the real test came when Jesus called their bluff (if indeed it was just something they said because they were religious) jesus said, "according to your faith, it shall be done for you". What if they really didn't believe? What if they were just being polite in saying "yes we believe You can do what we ask"? What if they didn't really have the faith? Then the result would have been sad for they would still be blind.

What then is asking in faith?
1. Asking in faith is not getting disappointed at God when what is asked has not been granted
2. Asking in faith is believing that God has the power to do what you ask but also understands that He will not give it to you if what you ask is not according to His will.
3. Asking in faith is believing God will give it to you because He can and hoping that it is according to His will (that is what is meant by "He is willing") and not because you are entitled to it because God owes you.

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